5 Must Haves for Your Sick Baby

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You may have noticed our lack of posting lately. That would be due to Jack getting his first cold and me not being able to put him down. In this post I am including some must haves that helped us get through Jack's cold. Now I know a couple of these items are no-brainers, but some items, like the heating pad, you should really give a try. It worked wonders for us!

I haven't included any medications because those need to be prescribed by your baby's doctor, but after giving Jack several doses of various medications I'm considering purchasing a pacifier medicine dispenser.

Five Sick Baby Must Haves

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Nose Frida Snotsucker Saline Kit

I was iffy about this thing at first, but it really gets the job done and relieves your baby fast. Fair Warning: Your baby will hate it.
[/col] [col xs=”6″] Nose frida snotsucker for your sick baby
[/col] [/columns] [columns align=”left, middle”] [col xs=”6″] temporal thermometer
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Temporal Scan Thermometer

Simply press and move the termometer against baby's head and quickly get your results.
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Heating Pad

Warming your baby's bassinet or crib mattress will help them stay asleep when they aren't feeling well.

Make sure you remove the heating pad before placing your baby down. The heating pad is only used to warm their mattress up.
[/col] [col xs=”6″] faux fur heating pad
[/col] [/columns] [columns align=”left, middle”] [col xs=”6″] water wipes purest baby wipes
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Water Wipes

Water wipes are made of 99.9% water and will not irritate your baby's skin which is especially important for runny noses.
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Comfortable Onesies that Zip

Make diaper changes less difficult and quicker with onesies that zip from the bottom.
[/col] [col xs=”6″] Target
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These are just a few items that helped us through Jack's cold. Which items are your go-to's when your babe is feeling bad?

Must haves for your sick baby

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