Are You a Bridezilla? Take the Quiz to Find Out!


Excerpted from the book Hitched in a Hurry: The Ultimate How-To For a Speedy “I do”

If you've ever seen an episode of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, then you know the following statement is an absolute fact: Nobody likes a Bridezilla (not even her mom).

Unlike other scary monsters, a Bridezilla doesn’t grow scales or turn the color green. And though on occasion she’s been known to throw a hissy fit—or toss a slice of cake against the wall while screaming “I hate fondant flowers!”—most often her behavior is a bit more subtle.

Perhaps you have not yet exhibited true Bridezilla behavior. But if you’ve had second thoughts about your decision to never-ever do the whole stamp-your-foot-and-demand-your-bridal-rights thing, or have unleashed even one of those “But it’s myyyy wedding!” whines that literally no one can stand, the end could be closer than you realize. I should know—at one point, Bridezilla behavior almost overtook me.


I had carefully pulled together a vision for my wedding. It would be relaxed. It would be fun. It would be representative of my relationship with my husband, Taylor. “Let’s do something in the morning,” we decided, “followed by brunch and a beach play day.” No dance floor. No plated dinners. No fussy decorations. No problem. Right? Wrong.


Wedding Planner: “That’s going to be a problem. I’ve never done a wedding like that before. You can’t put up rented tents on the beach. You can’t serve food on the beach. How about an evening wedding…with a plated dinner and a guitar player?”

Wedding Coordinator: “That’s going to be a problem. It’s too hot in July to get married in the morning. Your guests will sweat. The grandparents will be miserable. The reception site you like is already booked. How about an evening wedding…with a dance floor and an indoor reception?”

Florist: “That’s going to be a problem. Hanging lanterns will blow over in the wind. We’ll have to use something heavier. How do you feel about a floral archway? Ferns? Urns?”


Although I tried to take all of the idea-rejection in stride, I’m not going to lie: being shot down (over and over and over again) was beyond frustrating. So, like a Hypochondriac scouring Web MD, I set out to prove I wasn’t turning into a man-eating monster in a veil by researching the disease I feared the most.

To save yourself from a similar fate, take the following quiz. After reviewing the listed symptoms, select “yes” or “no” for each item. Next, add up your totals. We’ll review your results at the end.


Are you a Bridezilla? Take this quiz and find out!


Count the number of times you answered “yes.” Hovering near that dreaded 50 percent mark? Bridezilla, fear not. It’s never too late to change. Every girl wants the fairy tale in her head to come to life, and few of us take kindly to being told no. But it’s simply not acceptable to step (or stomp) all over other people to make our dreams come true.

If your score indicates that you’re on the edge of Bridezilla behavior (perhaps you answered “yes” three or four times), don’t give in! But don’t give up either. Just focus on letting your voice be heard in an appropriate way. As in life, wedding planning is all about the art of compromise.

See? The anti-Bridezilla formula is simple: A little give. A
little take. And a whole lot of remembering what the Big Day is all about: marrying the guy you love.

Just remember the only tears your groom should cry are happy tears!

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