How to Choose the Perfect Cover-up for Your Honeymoon

Shopping for beach cover-ups is about ten times more fun than shopping for swimsuits. You instantly look cuter and more put together when you throw one on. You will absolutely be in need of some cute cover-ups for ANY honeymoon destination. I generally bring three and mix them up over the vacation depending on which swimsuit I'm wearing.

Lately, cover-ups have gotten a serious upgrade and when it comes to affordable options ASOS has tons to choose from!

When shopping for the perfect beach cover-up you need to keep three things in mind:


More than likely at one point or another your swimsuit cover-up is going to get wadded up inside of your beach bag and you probably won't have time/or want to iron out the wrinkles. So choose a fabric that you don't have to be super delicate with. You also want to avoid a heavy or thick material that will make you sweat.

Style + Coverage

You may want to opt for a coverup that has sleeves so you have some protection from the sun and get a little break if you start to burn. But, if you aren't worried about burning, this off-the-shoulder pom cover-up is stylish enough for just about anything you'll be doing at your resort.

Location + Destination

This is a big one! There is a big difference from VRBOing at a beach shack and staying at the Four Seasons. If you're staying at a fancier hotel (or planning to visit one) and want to grab a bite to eat at a nearby cafe you may not feel super comfortable in a barely there or see through mesh coverup. It's also nice to have a cover-up that is appropriate for anything the day throws at you, like shopping at a nearby market!

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