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Rehearsal Dinner 101

Whenever Sunday comes around, I get pretty excited – it’s the night that my fiancé and I get a little more adventuresome in the kitchen. We’re amateur chefs and love trying new recipes whenever we get the chance!

Since we’re total foodies, figuring out the catering for our wedding was probably a little more difficult than it should have been. We started with tackling the rehearsal dinner – many brides still do a formal, sit-down dinner, but I've seen plenty of casual ideas, too. I decided we didn't necessarily have to fit the mold – so we booked our rehearsal dinner at a local bar that we frequent at least once a week!

The Thirsty Hippo is one of our favorite places in Hattiesburg, and just blocks from our house. We’ll be keeping it pretty casual with a buffet of mostly finger foods. Our rehearsal dinner will be featuring some of our favorites off of their regular menu, including red bean hummus, whiskey pimento cheese sandwiches, red beans and rice, and their fabulous homemade bread pudding (which changes weekly!). We’re excited to share one of our favorite local establishments with our guests!

Here are some of the big things to consider when planning your rehearsal dinner:


-Guest list: are you inviting just the parents, bridal party and grandparents? Or are all of the out-of-town guests invited, too? Some brides just invite parents, grandparents and the bridal party, and then invite their out-of-town guests to meet up with everyone after the rehearsal dinner.


-Budget: Who’s paying for this? Typically the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner, but it’s not necessarily the norm anymore.


-Location: Will you rent out a space and have a caterer or rent out a room at a restaurant? You may not want to pick a place that’s far from the location of the rehearsal in order to make it easy on your guests. Explore your favorite restaurants, bars and other locations that may be fitting for a rehearsal dinner.


-Food: Do you want to have a formal dinner or go with something that’s casual? If you’re booking a room at a restaurant, the location will help to determine what food you’ll be serving. If you’re just renting out a space, you have more freedom! Some brides even have pizza parties or barbecues.


-Alcohol: are you serving alcohol? Will it be included in the caterer/restaurant’s cost? If you’re renting out a space, don’t forget to check their policy on serving alcohol. Some places require security and the hiring of a licensed bartender.

What kind of rehearsal dinner fits your style? Are you going casual or formal?


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