Surprise Helicopter Proposal and E-Session

Up and up and away! Who would have seen this awesome surprise coming?! It's not everyday you're whisked away on a romantic helicopter ride!

Tell us a little about you.

My name is Amanda and my fiance's name is Jessie. Our wedding is in Cancun, Mexico at the Excellence Riviera Cancun Resort on June 7, 2014!


So how did he pop the question?

I surprised Jessie with a weekend getaway in Fredricksburg, Texas for his birthday, little did I know that he found out all I had planned from my two best friends. On our second day there, we were supposed to have a lunch date for his birthday.

Upon leaving our bed and breakfast, there was a limo outside, waiting. The limo took us to a nearby airport, where we then got into a helicopter (he even had a pink headset for me!) I was terrified at this point, but super excited! So, we began our air tour of all the wineries and then headed to Enchated Rock!

Jessie placed a black book in my lap that said “Our Story.” I smiled, and nervously began looking through all the pictures, smiling, laughing, and crying. Then I came to the end, with a page that he took at the fire station with all of his crew, asking “Will you marry me?” I cried and looking at him to my surprise to see the most beautiful ring I could have ever imagined, and the sneaky pilot taking pictures!

This was all caught on video! The surprises continue when getting back to the room, to find it candlelit, with roses and rose petals everywhere!! By far, the best day of my life! I could talk about it in detail, forever!


What difficulties have you faced while planning your wedding?

Since Jessie and I are paying for our own wedding, finding something affordable was really hard for us. Plus, with our families living hours apart, it was hard to find a good place here that made both sides of the family happy, as well as matched the theme (at that time) that we wanted, “Rustic Shabby Chic.”

There are so many hidden costs and the “dream wedding” you may have always wanted, sometimes isn't feasible. Deciding on a Destination Wedding was the best idea ever! The resort is gorgeous and our wedding AND honeymoon together, will be half of the cost of the wedding we had planned here.

Even better, many people see our wedding as a “vacation” and love the idea! I'll be taking some of Texas with me to Cancun for a Rustic Beach Wedding!


What is your advice for future brides-to-be?

Do what makes you and your fiance truly happy. Don't worry about or focus on what other people think. Don't let someone else decide what YOUR big day is going to be. Its YOUR day! Its the meaning of the day that should mean the most.

I've learned to focus on that and that only, and the process has been stress free and super exciting every since. I can't wait to marry my best friend and the man of my dreams!! Nothing else really matters!

Photographers: Elaine's Fino Photography // Rebecca Portor
Location: Fort Worth Stockyards // Fort Worth Trinity Park

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