Rustic Batman wedding centerpieces

How to Incorporate Batman into Your Wedding

The thing I love most about this wedding is that it is so unique and that Nicole, the bride, incorporated something her husband loved into the wedding: Batman!

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The Couple: Nicole & Brian
The Wedding: Founders Hall of Saginaw Valley State University

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We all know how stressful weddings can be. Tell us a little about the things that stressed you out while you were planning your wedding.

Sticking to our budget was stressful during the planning. I am a very detail-oriented person and also love Pinterest … which can be a recipe for disaster! But I made decisions on what I absolutely had to have and then tried to do things myself instead of paying someone else to.

Another stressful thing while planning was my indecisiveness! I am a very indecisive person. I learned early on while planning that once I actually made a decision … I had to stick with it and not think about the other options AT ALL.

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If you could go back and redo anything, what would you change?

I honestly wouldn’t change anything about how our wedding day turned out. When people ask me about our day I always say that I was anticipating SOMETHING to go wrong (because I always hear that things go wrong on your wedding day), but nothing really did. It was a perfect day. If we could live the day all over again, exactly how it was, we would!

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What did not go according to plan on your wedding day?

I guess I would say the music the DJ played and some of the things he did without getting our approval first. For example, after the mother-son dance he had Brian’s mom sit in a chair … { Continue Reading —> you haven’t even seen the BATMAN pics! }

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