Products You Can Skip On Your Baby Registry


Pee-Pee TeePee

This product is pointless. You can never find it when you need it, and unless your baby is still, they will knock it off or grab it; Use a baby wipe if you need to.

Wipe Warmer

There is no need to get your baby used to warm wipes! When you are anywhere but your nursery, the wipes won't be warm, not to mention, the baby doesn't start with warm wipes when they are in the hospital. 

If you regularly take the trash out, but If you regularly take your trash out, this is a product you can skip. Diaper pails do help contain the smell, but when dirty diapers pile up, they all stink!

Babies don't walk. Even though baby shoes are adorable, they are also kinda pointless, and they will just get kicked off.

Babies outgrow these bathtubs so quickly. They are another thing you have to clean, and they are bulky and difficult to store. 

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