Tips for Creating a Kid-Friendly Living Room

Keep Things Neutral

One of the easiest ways to keep a space clean and attractive is choosing a neutral color palette.

Choose a Stylish Baby Gate

Choosing a simple, stylish baby gate blends into the space and is less noticeable.

Conceal the Toys

Toys are inevitable, so use decorative baskets and bins to make clean up easy, and keep them out of sight.

Rethink Your Furniture

Your baby is going to be climbing all over the place. If possible, hold off purchasing new furniture, and consider using a round coffee table or upholstered ottoman.

Have Fun!

The days of keeping a perfectly neat and kid-free zone are likely gone (for now). Don't restrict your child's play just so you can have a formal living space. I tell myself this daily as I sit on my old couch and stare at my son's trainset! ;)

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