Tips for Organizing Your Child's Closet

Use containers so everything has a place


Fabric bins keep not-so-pretty items (diapers, pjs, and other things that tend to look sloppy) in a nice attractive container that you and your child can easily grab.

Fabric Bins

Clear containers with latches are great for storing things like legos, magnetic blocks, and other small toys. The latches keep items contained and prevent spills.

Clear Containers

Drawer organizers are great for keeping things like underwear, socks, and other accessories separate.

Drawer Organizers

Hang up as much as you can


When you hang up as much of your child's clothes as you can, you can see at a glance the tops and bottoms you need to create an outfit.

Hang it Up

Use a closet system


Closet systems keep order and provide a layout and place to store everything. It also makes it so much easier to keep up with staying organized.

Built In System

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