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Bumps and Bottles Media Kit

About Mallory

Mallory is a wife and mother to her two and five-year-old children. As a dedicated stay-at-home mom, she skillfully juggles multiple responsibilities, including working from home, creating engaging content, and capturing photographs. Her passion for blogging dates back to 2011, and she has also mastered the art of web and graphic design. In her spare moments, Mallory finds joy in tackling home organization projects and expressing her creativity through writing.

About the Blog

Bumps and Bottles is more than just a motherhood and lifestyle blog – it's a carefully curated resource for parents seeking inspiration and guidance. With a keen focus on exceptional baby products and gear, kid-friendly home organization, and stylish decor, our content is both informative and engaging. We take pride in sharing only the best products and resources that we would personally use and recommend, which has fostered trust and loyalty among our readers.

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Updated July 2022

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95.7% Female

4.3% Male


Top Territories

United States: 84%

United Kingdom: 4%

Canada: 3%



96.3% Female

3.6% Male


Top Territories

United States: 71.7%

Canada: 4.8%

United Kingdom: 3.7%

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