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How to Submit

We prefer our blog submissions to be submitted via Two Bright Lights, online gallery, or Dropbox.

What to Include

Our readers love practical and realistic events that can easily be re-created. Please keep this in mind when submitting your events for feature. We tend to pick submissions that are unique and have many details shots. We prefer to feature submissions that have not been published somewhere else, but if it's the right fit we may make an exception. Also, please make sure all images are at least 900 pixels wide with no watermarks. We will give credit to all vendors involved.

Please remember to include as many details about the event as possible and where the key items can be found so that we can include this information in our post. The more information you send the better and the quicker we can get your submission featured.

If you are submitting a wedding please have your bride fill out this short interview.

Response time

Due to the high volume of emails and submissions, it can take up to four weeks for us to get back to you.


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