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Regina George Mean Girls

Are YOU a Bummed Bride?

Maybe you have dreamed of this day since you were a young girl and maybe you can't wait to start planning and pinning… but maybe you aren't creative, and maybe you don't have a very big budget, maybe you are a Bummed Bride and you didn't even know it…


He just popped the question and you are SO excited!

 photo proposal fall_zpsvhgnvncq.gif


Now it's time to call all your best friends.

 photo gossip girl_zps5uvuhbcv.gif


You stop by the store to grab some wedding magazines to start your planning…

 photo shopping_zpsaadoqdyk.gif


and then you realize…

you just spent $10.00 for ONE magazine.

and… it's mostly filled with wedding ads you can't afford!

 photo regina george mean girls_zpsnqd6xygc.gif


You soon learn that everything that has the word “BRIDE” or “WEDDING” on it is going to cost you twice as much.

 photo grumpy cat_zpsdssalvkd.gif


So you get on Pinterest to find some good DIY projects for your wedding.


you aren't crafty.

 photo nicki minaj_zpscpbtu4ff.gif


and you don't have time to mess with crafts.
You are a busy girl.


So you pour yourself a glass of wine, you've still got time.

Your wedding is at least 6 months away.

 photo wine_zpsw6xv5xx8.gif


You are so excited to cross something off your list!

 photo seinfeld_zpstho1gb5h.gif


but it turns out… that date you guys finally agreed on…

doesn't work for anyone else.

 photo Betty Boop_zpssvretsf9.gif


These are all typical feelings you will experience during the wedding planning process.

 photo angry little girl_zpst0gablrd.gif


because EVERYONE is going to have an opinion.

 photo dance moms_zpsqepfcveh.gif


but there is hope.

 photo aria pretty little liars_zpsys6tqtfx.gif


We can give you advice.

 photo laguna beach_zpsn18frhtr.gif


Like… if you do go to a wedding show, don't use your main email account or phone number.

They will spam you to death.

I can't tell you how many “fake” cruises you two will win.

 photo titantic bridal shows_zpsjvqrhlma.gif


Our support group might help you overcome being a bridezilla.

 photo bridezilla_zpsu98h1ksz.gif


and that's always a good thing.

 photo annie community_zpspd9niopf.gif


so remember.

It's your wedding, and it's not only about YOU.

Even though it may be one of the most important days of your life, keep focused on the reason you are having a wedding.

Because you are madly in love with each other.

 photo madly in love_zpstpn4f5rb.gif

at least we hope you are.


So you tell us, are you a Bummed Bride? If so, why?

  1. Omg, yes! I wish I would have read this sooner. “Fake” cruises! Ugh, we got convinced into one of those. Our wedding is nine months away but it is a destination wedding which means I had to do everything in a week! I can’t afford to go again until a week before my wedding! Everyone is giving me all their lame excuses about not being able to attend.

    1. I hear ya! I got married in Las Vegas and live in Oklahoma so my “wedding planning” trips were certainly limited. Unfortunately, you will have less people since it’s a destination wedding. But, the important ones will be there and I’m sure your day will be perfect! – Thanks for your comment!

  2. Definitely wish I would have read this sooner! I can’t tell you how many free cruises, and toasting glasses, and goodie bags I have “won”. I ignore them (no time for that! LOL). My wedding is March 2015 and sometimes I already feel crazy! My in-laws have called me a bridezilla and I have had to tell them to take it down because I don’t think they know how those ladies treat their families and friends on that show :(. I’m on the ball with some things and starting early on a lot of things. My goal is have this wedding planned and completely organized by the end of this year and relax January and February lol (unrealistic I know but it’s a goal!)

  3. I just got engaged in February. And we are planning the wedding for march/april ish of 2016. And already everyone assumes they are invited. And everyone thinks they can do everything and think its what i want. and its not. And i feel bad for my fiance because they are already treating him like its all about me. For example i want a joint or coed shower and they don’t. They said girls only. And the thing that stresses me out THE MOST is my parents. My parents are divorced. And my mom is pretty mature and cool about everything. But my old step mom ( moms old best friend) is the mother to my sibling and i love her and the kids but i feel like shes is in a hard place. And my dad who is now remarried to a 28yr old ( i am 24 -_-) said he wont go if she goes. and ultimately I want my real parents to go. But both are remarried so where does that leave my step mom? if she doesn’t go, the kids won’t go. I don’t know what to do. I know I have time but family is important to me and i want them all. But all have separately said they wouldn’t do it for me.
    We haven’t really gotten to enjoy being engaged because people keep trying to run our show, ya know? I know i am that people pleasing type but i am also that snapping type. i’m scared that telling them nicely hasn’t done the trick and if i snap at them they will completely back out of helping. But geez let us breathe!!
    -*deep sigh* gosh that feels better lol

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