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Bridal Support Group

Welcome to Bumps and Bottles, home of the private Bridal Support Group! We are so excited to have over 10,000 amazing brides all in one place sharing their planning with one another!

The Bridal Support Group is totally free to join, the only thing we ask is that you sign up below! We pride ourselves on having a Spam free Facebook Group because we know they are few and far between!

If you are interested in becoming a pre-approved vendor please send us an email (

If you are interested in joining the Bridal Support Group please review our rules:


1.) Please keep comments and posts clean and civil. Please refrain from harassing other members and/or overly posting inappropriate or off topic content.
2.) Personal sales are ALLOWED. Ex: Your old wedding dress, extra bridesmaid dress, etc. We are NOT responsible for anything bought or sold so please deal wisely. All responsibilty falls on the poster. Admins of this group are not responsible for any transactions between group members.
3.) Please do not make the same post multiple times.
4.) Do NOT promote other Facebook Groups or Pages in the Bridal Support Group. This will get you banned without a warning.
5.) If you feel a post is violating any of the above rules, please feel free to report the post to the group admins. We are quick to act and will have the post taken down shortly.


1.) Only pre-approved vendors may post in the Bridal Support Group. Any posts clearly advertising a product that you are personally associated with is considered a vendor post. Posts from non-approved vendors will be deleted along with the poster instantly banned without warning.
2.) If you would like to become an approved vendor please contact:
3.) Approved vendors are allowed to post up to 2 new threads a week promoting their products/services. (No BUMPING allowed)

If you are new to Bumps and Bottles or the Bridal Support Group make sure you check us out on social media! We regularly feature our readers and love to hear from you!

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After you complete the sign-up we will approve your request!

Happy Planning!