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Air Toobz: Elevate Play with Creative Airflow

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Explore the boundless realm of creativity and STEM learning with Air Toobz, a 2023 Toy of the Year Finalist that takes playtime to new heights. This innovative toy invites kids and adults to arrange modular tubes and connectors, switching on the turbine to witness foam balls dance through a network of pathways influenced by adjustable airflow.

Crafted with high-quality materials and safety in mind, Air Toobz ensures durability and features a rechargeable battery for extended play. With its captivating user experience, educational value, and comprehensive kit of accessories, Air Toobz is not just a toy – it's an immersive journey into imaginative exploration that sparks a lifelong love of learning.

Elevate your playtime with Air Toobz and embark on an adventure where the magic of airflow meets endless possibilities.


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