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Explorer Sofa vs. Nugget Comfort

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So I'm going to start off by saying that we are happy with both of our purchases of the Sam's Club Explorer Sofa and the Nugget Comfort. There are pros and cons for each couch. The Explorer Sofa costs $179.98 and the Nugget couches are $229 (or $259 for some fabrics/colors). I'm actually super surprised by my review because I feel like it is the opposite of what others thought when comparing the two.

The Explorer Sofa is in the color Sidewalk (light gray)
The Nugget is in the color Saturn (mustard yellow)

In the video, I'm using my diaper bag which is slightly over 10 pounds (it was the only thing I had on hand at the time) to show how the builds withstand the weight. Later in the video, my son and I will sit on the thicker base to test the sturdiness.

The Sam's Club Explorer Sofa

We were able to get this couch right away, which was a huge plus in my book. Once we decided we wanted a Nugget, the shipping time frame was over 4 weeks, and this was delivered to us in 2 days. We have created several different builds and have had some very rowdy toddlers on these Explorer sofas. I have heard that people have had issues with the Explorer zipper coming undone or breaking. We have had the zipper pop open, but we just had to zip it back up. This has only happened once and we haven't had any other issues.

The Nugget Comfort Couch

Though we had to wait about a month for this couch, we were so excited to have such a fun color that matches our son's room so well! One of the biggest pluses of the Nugget couches is the beautiful colors and fabrics they come in! The couch is definitely well made and very comfortable for our family to use in our 3-year-old's room. The Nugget triangles are more rounded and slightly smaller than the Explorer Sofa, but I think they look more appealing when used as furniture.

To test the sturdiness of the thick bases, I decided to sit on them myself. After sitting on each base, I do think the Nugget is a little more sturdy, even though the Explorer actually has a thicker base.

Overall, you really can't go wrong with either couch. The biggest factor that is going to help you decide which play couch to purchase is how you plan on using it. If you are wanting the couch to also be a piece of furniture in your child's bedroom or it's going to be on display somewhere in the house, I would probably go with the Nugget.

If you're wanting to save a little money and are just wanting some fun play couches to let your children rough and tumble on, then I would probably suggest the Explorer Sofas from Sam's Club.

No matter what you decide, your children are going to love building all kinds of fun things, even if that just means just a pile of cushions on the floor.

You can purchase the Sam's Club Explorer Couch here.

You can purchase the Nugget Comfort here.