How to Have a Fitness Themed Wedding

How to incorporate fitness into your wedding

    • Get your bridesmaids together for a boot camp
      Why not celebrate your bridal shower or bachelorette by gathering your girls for a Bootcamp! It's the perfect way to relieve all that pre-wedding stress and afterward hit the spa!
    • Serve healthy food at the wedding
      Maybe add a few gluten-free options to the menu or feature different healthy food stations, like a smoothie bar!
    • Use fitness props
      One of the thing that made Brittany and Derrick's wedding photos were the fitness inspired props, like the bridesmaids holding the dumbells or the fun Muscle & Fitnesses magazine cutout.
    • Get creative with the cake
      You could have the wedding or groomsmen cake shaped into weights or you could just add a fun workout themed wedding cake topper.

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