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Back to School Jurassic Park Style

Now this is a Back to School session you don't see everyday! Krysta, with Krysta Reed Photography, channeled her inner dino-mom to pull of this super unique Jurassic park back to school photo-shoot for her son David.

Jurassic Park Back to School photoshoot

This dino mom needs her Starbucks to deal with the drop off lines.

Mom and son dress up like dinosaurs for Jurassic park back to school shoot

It turns out David isn't *actually* a dinosaur.

Mom and son dinosaur costumes

Best mom ever.

From the Photographer… Being a photographer mom has some perks. Currently my 5 year old is obsessed with Blue the Velociraptor from Jurassic World. So when he asked to incorporate his favorite character into a Jurassic Park Back to School photoshoot, I said HECK YES!!!

My son is on the spectrum and has a challenging time trying to focus or capture a real smile. When I told him that we could do a dino back to school session he squealed! So the Blue themed shoot came into play!

In one week we were able to hunt down all of our elements for the the shoot. He helped by picking out the amazon inflatable dinosaur costume, the raptor hands, and dino patches.

The theme for his shoot was to show Blue the Velociraptor headed to school with his lunch box, and meeting his teacher. Even Lamby with a good sport in participating as the raptors lunch.

Here is to wishing my preschooler and all the others the best 2018-2019 school year!

Photographer: Krysta Reed Photography // Mom's Dino Costume // Child Velociraptor Head // Raptor Claws