A Purrrrfect Wedding | Cat Themed Wedding

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Calling all my Cat Ladies out there, today's styled shoot from Ashley Marie Weddings is a cat lovers dream! It's no surprise that here at Bummed Bride we love us  a good theme because without themes all of the weddings would look exactly the same. Thank goodness for cool creative vendors like (Ever After Vintage Weddings, A Piece of Cake Tampa, and Ashley Izquierdo) who mix it up and bring fresh ideas to the table. Speaking of tables, wait until you see the cat themed wedding table setting.

Side note: The entire time I've been editing this blog post I've been singing Janet Jackson's BurnItUp! song; Whooo, I'ma shut this down kitty kat, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow… and I was so inspired I created a Flipagram to the song of all the pretty kitty pictures! (Flipagram is fun, you should totally follow us)

cat themed wedding_0001
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Wedding Gifts for Cat Lovers


Here's the Flipagram I've been talking about.

Photographer:  Ashley Marie Weddings // Other: Ashley Izquierdo // Floral Designer: Carrollwood Florist // Event Designer: Ever After Vintage Weddings // Hair Stylist: Karri w/Salon Lofts//Etsy Designer: Welcome to Royalty//Cake Designer: A Piece of Cake Tampa //Linens and Coverings: Kate Ryan Linens //

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