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‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Wedding Inspiration

We all remember that special story we grew up reading over and over again. What if you could incorporate your favorite childhood story into your wedding? While, of course, still being the glamorous day you've always dreamed of. This group of talented Colorado artists (with photography by Elizabeth Cryan Photography  and 13 other incredible vendors mentioned in the credits) did just that. From the crowns on their heads to their foresty place setting this couple captured Where the Wild Things Are to a tee, without being cheesy.

Now even though we most likely won't be able to replicate our favorite childhood story quite as elaborately, we can choose little elements or hints to splash throughout our wedding decor and details. It can be easier than you think.

where the wild things are styled shoot_0001where the wild things are styled shoot_0002

How to incorporate a theme into your wedding

(In this case a storybook, without it being too cheesy)

  1. Invitations: When it comes to wedding invitations this is the most “out of the box” you can be. Themed invitations are the perfect way to show off your unique personalities and give them a glimpse of what's to come.
  2. Location: This is key! ‘Where the Wild things Are' takes place outside Max's bedroom in the forest. So if this was your wedding you would choose a location that accommodates the same feel as the story, movie, theme you are inspired by.
  3. Jewelry and Accessories: This is another area that you can easily let your theme and your personality shine through. In this session, they chose wild jewelry made of rock and crowns made of sticks and feathers. You may not want to walk down the aisle in a stick crown, but it would definitely make for some unforgettable pictures! This is an especially good idea if you really want to get outside the box without committing to something for your whole evening.
  4. Floral Arrangements: Another great subtle but memorable way to express your theme. This ‘Where the Wild Things Are' styled shoot used wildflower arrangements with many bright eye-catching colors.
  5. The food: Now cakes can get pretty pricey but can we please talk about how amazing this feathered cake (created by Kelley Kakes) is? So whether you can make room in your budget for an elaborate cake or you can do a more simple cake and spruce up the area around it with flowers, or whatever fits in YOUR theme.

where the wild things are styled shoot_0003where the wild things are styled shoot_0004where the wild things are styled shoot_0005where the wild things are styled shoot_0006where the wild things are styled shoot_0007where the wild things are styled shoot_0008where the wild things are styled shoot_0009

No matter what theme you decide to go on always remember you don't have to spend an arm and a leg with recreating a story exactly. As we've all heard before, sometimes less really is more!

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Photographer:  Elizabeth Cryan Photography // Dress Designer: D'Lola Couture // Cinema and Video: 4th Kind Entertainment // Invitation Designer: Anthologie Press // Jewelry: Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design // Floral Designer: Bella Calla // Apparel: Brackish Bowties // Model: Garrett Kidd // Cake Designer: Kelley Kakes // Event Planner: MAG Events // Model: Olivia Ritchie // Veils and headpieces: Opam inc // Other: Patina Preferred: A Vintage Rental Boutique // Reception Venue: Piney River Ranch LLC // Makeup Artist: the parlour//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights