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Fudge n’ Caramel Crunch Apple Pops

SponsoredThis post is sponsored by GoodPop; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you are looking for an easy and fun Fall treat, you will love these Carmel apple-inspired pops. The Fudge n' Caramel Crunch Apple Pops combine the rich, creamy goodness of Good Pop's Fudge n' Caramel Crunch Oatmilk Pops with the crisp sweetness of caramel-coated apples.

They are so easy, you can even get your kids involved.

A great way I involve my boys in the kitchen safely is by using kid-safe knives. These knives are designed with rounded, serrated edges, ensuring that slicing and chopping become not only safe but also enjoyable activities for children.

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: Super Easy
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Dip Fudge n' Caramel Crunch Oatmilk pops in caramel, roll in fresh apples, and freeze for a fall-inspired treat!.


  • 4 GoodPop Fudge n' Caramel Crunch Pops
  • 1 cup caramel sauce
  • 2 cups chopped apples (tossed in lemon juice to prevent browning)
  • Chopped nuts (optional, for garnish)


  1. Allow the pops to thaw slightly at room temperature for a few minutes.
  2. Dip or spread each pop into the caramel sauce, coating them evenly.
  3. Roll the caramel-coated pops in the chopped apples.
  4. Optionally, garnish with chopped nuts for added crunch.
  5. Place the coated pops back in the freezer for 20-30 minutes or until they firm up.
  6. Enjoy these Fudge n' Caramel Crunch Apple Pops on their sticks for a delightful fall dessert!