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How to Announce Your Newly #Engaged Status!

1.) Tell them in person.


When it comes to a close family member or friend, you need to tell them in person. Obviously, we all have relatives and friends out of town, so the next best thing would be to pick up the phone and call them to share your big news.

2.) Show Off Your #BummedBrideBling!

engagement-announcements-ring-shot(Courtesy of bride-to-be @kristinnicole_3 | Get her sparkly water bottle here!)

Snap a picture of your new sparkly ring and share it on your favorite social media channel! It's a fun way to let all of your favorites know at once. Don't forget to tag your rings with #BummedBrideBling for a chance to be featured!

3.) Throw a Party

engagement-party-invitation(Find this invitation here.)

Engagement news spreads fast but you can officially let all of your friends and family know by throwing an engagement party. Engagement parties are totally optional and can be anything from a cocktail party to a stock the bar BBQ. There are so many awesome engagement party invitation options and any excuse to pop some champagne makes our list!

Here are some of our favorite engagement party invitations:

4.) Get Some Bridal Swag

(Purchase this off the shoulder tee here! | My Sassy Life)

There are so many fun bridal products that showcase your newly engaged status! From coffee mugs, wine glasses, to tees, you're sure to find something that speaks to you. So why not grab some gear, wear it around, or snap a picture?!

5.) Publish Your Story!


There are so many wedding blogs you can submit to (like us, do it here!) that will feature your engagement story and gorgeous pictures, and that's definitely a fun way to share the news with everyone!

Our best advice is to keep it creative and show off your style as a couple. Everyone loves a good ring shot but the ones that include personality and tell a story are the ones that stand out!