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How to Reverse Image Search to Keep Track of Your Children’s Photos

Since I've started adding lifestyle content to the blog, which include photos of my son, I've made a regular practice to reverse image search the photos I take of him. Reverse image searching can help you find the other websites using your images with or without your consent.

How to Reverse Image Search a Photo

It's easiest to reverse image search using your computer, particularly a computer with dual monitors ;), but it can be done on a mobile device as well, it's just slightly more complicated.

Upload Image Method

1.) Visit and click the camera icon in the search bar.

2.) Click “Upload an Image”.

3.) Click “Choose File”

4.) Select the image you want to search for from your computer.

Drag and Drop Method – My favorite method!

1.) Find the image you want to use for your search. Keep in mind, it has to be an image file, websites like Instgram will not work. You will have to use an Instagram viewer to pull an actual image.

2.) Open another browser and put into the search bar.

3.) Drag your image to the search bar and it will populate with the results. Make sure you drag the image directly into the search window, otherwise it will just pull up your own image on your website.

URL Method

1.) When you visit any website you can right-click the image and select “Copy image address”.

2.) Visit and click the “Search by Image” button.

3.) Paste the image URL you just copied into the box.

5.) Click search by Image

Mobile Method

1.) Open the Chrome app on your mobile device to do the search.

2.) Find the image you wish to search for and tap to get a larger version.

3.) Touch and hold the image until the box appears with the option to “Search Google for this image”


I really hope sharing how to reverse google image search can help you track down improper use of your photos, especially the ones of your children. You would be surprised how often images get stolen and misused.