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How to Incorporate Batman into Your Wedding

Today's bride, Nicole, found the perfect way to incorporate her husband's love for Batman into their wedding. From super hero undershirts, a Batman grooms cake, to mason jars with Batman cutouts, Nicole perfectly balances her rustic Batman theme.


The Couple: Nicole & Brian
The Wedding: Founders Hall of Saginaw Valley State University

rustic-batman-wedding1 rustic-batman-wedding2 rustic-batman-wedding3 rustic-batman-wedding4

We all know how stressful weddings can be. Tell us a little about the things that stressed you out while you were planning your wedding.

Sticking to our budget was stressful during the planning. I am a very detail-oriented person and also love Pinterest … which can be a recipe for disaster! But I made decisions on what I absolutely had to have and then tried to do things myself instead of paying someone else to.

Another stressful thing while planning was my indecisiveness! I am a very indecisive person. I learned early on while planning that once I actually made a decision … I had to stick with it and not think about the other options AT ALL.

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If you could go back and redo anything, what would you change?

I honestly wouldn't change anything about how our wedding day turned out. When people ask me about our day I always say that I was anticipating SOMETHING to go wrong (because I always hear that things go wrong on your wedding day), but nothing really did. It was a perfect day. If we could live the day all over again, exactly how it was, we would!

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What did not go according to plan on your wedding day?

I guess I would say the music the DJ played and some of the things he did without getting our approval first. For example, after the mother-son dance he had Brian's mom sit in a chair, and then asked Brian to lie over her lap, so she could spank him one last time. That was very odd to me and I would never have asked him to do that! Although everyone thought it was funny … I was like Oh my, that's weird!

And that was just one of the odd things he did! I wasn't very happy with what was played throughout the evening and I even made a list of “what not to play” and things like that. All of our friends, and especially my husband, love to dance and we thought it would be a huge night of dancing. But not many of our guests were dancing throughout the night. It also could have been because we had many other activities going on during our reception other than dancing.

We had a photo-booth, a slideshow, and my younger sisters went around our reception with a camcorder and had our guests give us advice, words of wisdom and congratulations via video recording.

We had fun dancing together, which is all that matters, but that was one thing that didn't go as planned for us.

rustic-batman-wedding14 rustic-batman-wedding15

Another thing that didn't go quite as planned was presenting the surprise grooms cake! My husband LOVES Batman. I mean he REALLY LOVES Batman and everything Batman represents. We even had some of our engagement pictures Batman-themed! But anyway, I had arranged for our cake lady to make a Batman-themed grooms cake and leave it with the staff of our reception venue when she set up our cupcake/cake table. Then I asked the DJ to have the “Da na na na na Batman” theme song play right before we did the cake cutting and I would present Brian with the surprise grooms cake. Well, at the reception the DJ announced there was a surprise for Brian and started playing the Batman theme song, but I had no idea where the cake was being hidden at that point.

I had spoken with venue event manager previously to make sure it was okay if the cake lady gave her the grooms cake to hide away, but we never discussed where it was going to be when the time came. So, the DJ had announced that I had a surprise for Brian and started the music but I was standing there like.. Um.. I don't know where the surprise is! OOPS! So, I ran back in the kitchen to ask if they had the grooms cake. And of course they did, so I grabbed it and ran back out to the crowd! Brian was waiting with his eyes closed and a big smile!

It worked out just fine but it was just one of those things where you don't think to work out that tiny detail! He loved the cake and it tasted delicious!


How did you deal with the things that went wrong?

We just laughed about it!

rustic-batman-wedding16 rustic-batman-wedding17 rustic-batman-wedding18 rustic-batman-wedding19

What advice would you like to give to future brides?

Just make sure you keep in mind that the wedding day is about the love shared between you and your significant other! Not about everything going perfectly.

You can't please everyone! Plan according to what is important to you and your future husband because ultimately it's YOUR day and you have to do what makes you two happy. 🙂

If you are considering doing a “first-look” … DO IT! We did it and were so happy we did! I'm a SUPER emotional person. I cry about EVERYTHING. And, I was hoping that seeing Brian before walking down the aisle would release some of that emotion, so I wasn't a complete emotional mess while trying to say my vows. (We wrote our own).

Some of our family and friends were against us doing a first look because they thought it would take away from walking down the aisle and I can tell you … it didn't! My heart was pounding SO hard right before my dad and I started to walk down and it was completely wonderful!

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Anything else you would like to share with us?

As I mentioned before, we had asked my two teen sisters to go around our reception with a video camera and ask our guests to give us advice or just say congrats via video. We wanted that as kind of a keepsake. Well, my sister actually recorded our ceremony, our dances and other things during our wedding too. We are SO HAPPY that she did that and that we have that video.

Even though it isn't professional quality it is something that we will always have! It's an idea for other brides!


We had a double rainbow on our wedding day!  Have I mentioned we had a perfect day?! 🙂 Seriously, amazing! Not only is rain “lucky” on your wedding day, but we had not one, but TWO rainbows. Plus, we got pictures under it!


The Wedding Team:

Photographer: Domagalski Photography/Ashley Lynn Plyler
MUA: Looks Unlimited Salon
Hairstylist: Looks Unlimited Salon
Ceremony Venue: Founders Hall of SVSU
Reception Venue: Bart's Bay City
Coordinator: the Bride!
Florist: Keit's Flowers
Desserts: Leesh's Pieces


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