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The 8 Most Common Maid of Honor Mistakes

Put the “honor” in Maid of Honor! Your bestie has entrusted you with some of the most important wedding details – it’s your time to shine. Find out how to avoid the 8 most common Maid of Honor mistakes and thrive under pressure!

Mistake 1: Forgetting to Budget The Bachelorette Party

Drinks, club fees, party favors, exotic dancers?? The costs of any bachelorette party can add up quickly. To avoid spending more than what is comfortable for you and the other bridesmaids, take some time to make a clear budget as well as research less expensive options; wedding party discounts or packages will allow your party budget to stretch further.

Budget conscious bachelorette party tips:

  • An all-local bar crawl! Don’t waste precious bucks on transportation to the city.
  • Throw a pre-party at a bridesmaids house to get ready for the evening. Ask each guest to bring a bottle champagne, beer or a snack to save on extra drinks at the bar.
  • Have bridesmaids swap dresses so they don’t need to buy a new outfit.

Mistake 2: Not Asking Bridesmaids For Money Before The Bachelorette Party

Ask bridesmaids to contribute to the party ahead of time.We recommend adding in and disclosing a payment buffer (asking bridesmaids to contribute more than you budgeted – JUST in case!) The buffer (refunded later) will not only help avoid awkward conversations on the dance floor, but it will also prevent the bride from getting dragged into financial woes.

Mistake 3: Saying “Yes” To Every Request

As the MOH, often times the bride (or the bride’s mother, or the groom, or the best man…) will assume you’re superwoman and that you can be in six places at once. It’s 100% OKAY to speak up and focus on what’s MOST important – the bride! If you respect your own limitations and sanity, it’ll make the wedding experience less stressful.

Mistake 4: Forgetting The Emergency Boob Tape

If you remember anything on the big day, make it the boob tape!! Wardrobe malfunctions can and will happen.

Other wedding day essentials to keep handy:

  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pin
  • Tide pen
  • Translucent setting powder
  • Bandaids
  • Tampons
  • Q-tips

Mistake 5: Forgetting To Introduce Yourself During Your Toast

Just because you’re the most featured friend on the bride’s instagram doesn’t mean everyone knows who you are. Say your name and how long you’ve known the bride in the first few lines of your speech so guests aren’t in the dark.

Other MOH wedding toast tips:

  • Tell a story about a time when the bride came to your rescue.
  • Bring up a special quality you admire in the bride.
  • Say something positive about the bride’s new spouse.
  • Make eye contact when you address the couple and wish them luck and love in their life together.

Mistake 6: Not Emailing Yourself Your Toast/Vows

Back-ups are essential! Make sure to email yourself a copy of your wedding toast or save it in a note on your phone. You’ll save yourself the risk of any important papers going missing.
PLUS: have the bride email her vows to you too!

Mistake 7: Over-Embarrassing The Bride

Not everyone needs to know about the time she passed out in Vegas. Keep it sweet (with a touch of BFF sass!) If you’re not sure what passes the mustard, read your toast to some older family members – if they don’t flinch, you should be in the clear.

Mistake 8: Leaving After Party Go-ers Without Late Night Pizza!

Post reception, you can be certain to find some guests and/or the bride and groom craving late night pizza and snacks. Scout out some local late night delivery options before the wedding so you know who to call.

Once the reception begins, pat yourself on the back for being the best MOH you could be! The bride has you to thank for making her day EXTRA special. Now, take a break and reach for that extra glass of champagne. You deserve it!

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