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Unique and Modern Wedding Hairstyles for 2017

No longer do brides-to-be want beehive-style volume or intricate updos with face-framing corkscrew curls. It’s 2017, and bridal hair goals have changed just as much as bridal gown goals — shoulder pads and head-to-toe sequins, we’re looking at you.

If your nuptials are upcoming, it’s likely that you already know what you’ll wear, but your hairstyle could still be a source of confusion. That’s why we’ve gathered five of the most unique, modern and wanted hairstyles in today’s weddings. Perhaps the finishing touch to your wedding day look is right here on the list — read on to find out.

1. Natural Waves (or Other Natural Texture)

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Natural, loose waves suit just about any occasion. You can wear them to work, to Happy Hour and, now, to your wedding. All you have to do is let your hair do its thing and polish it a bit with smoothing styling products to fight any unforeseen humidity and the resulting frizz. You might also want to use a curling iron to define your natural bounce a little further. Long, loose waves are just as romantic as your big day and any strapless sweetheart gown.

If your hair’s natural texture isn’t wavy, embrace it anyway. Using your hair’s resting state as inspiration on your wedding day means it will be more likely to stay in place. Overheating, teasing and spraying your hair can lead to an overdone look we left in the 1980s.

2. Sleek Low Pony

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A clean, modern halter gown or straight-across neckline would be the perfect backdrops for this hairstyle. It’s also the perfect option for brides who want less fuss on their wedding days, since creating a sleek low ponytail is so easy, you might not even need to hire a hairstylist.

One way to make your wedding-day pony even longer and sleeker is to beef up your natural locks with extensions. Your hairstylist will likely know to use virgin hair, which looks and feels more like your own strands. Make sure your extensions are sourced properly from countries known to have the highest quality hair: India, Malaysia and Burma have some of the most well-known, pristine natural-hair extensions on the market.

3. The Top Knot

You’re probably wondering how the hairstyle you choose before you run to the grocery store or hit spin class can be wedding-day appropriate. A few slight changes to your two-second hairdo can look romantic and pretty with just about any dress style you might choose.

A fuller but imperfect bun is the best place to start — think somewhere between your trusted top knot and the sock bun that has come in and out of style in recent years. Looser strands make your wedding knot look a bit softer. Try not to pull your hair too tightly into your ponytail, either: a bit of pouf and a few dangling tendrils will make your bun even more effortless and beautiful.

4. Accessorized Hair

At one time, brides loved to bling out their hairstyles with the ultimate princess accessory: the diamond-encrusted tiara. You’ll still see a few brides rocking the crown here and there — and if that’s your envisioned look on your big day, go for it — but many have chosen to go for a look that’s a bit more subdued with shiny but small hair accessories.

Something as simple as a bejeweled bobby pin can be enough to draw eyes to your face; it also holds your hair back so everyone sees you. Some brides will stack a few of these types of pins on top of each other to make even more of a statement. You can use your clips to create soft hairstyles that have a touch of glamour, thanks to your blinged out bobbies.

5. Braids

Bride with fishtail braid

Image Credit: Laura Goldenberger via Two Bright Lights // See the full wedding here.

Like the other hairstyles on this list, a braid is simple, classic and can look extremely romantic on your wedding. A single plait with a few loose face-framing strands, for example, goes perfectly with a lacy, bohemian-style gown.

Of course, braids can be done in more ways than one, and brides have become more or less obsessed with the look of braided updos. There is so much inspiration with this type of hairstyle, so do a little research to find one that suits the style of your gown. Perhaps the best thing about braided updos is that they’re not fussy at all. Your hair is interwoven and secure, so you don’t have to worry about your plaits completely falling out by the end of the night.

So… How Will Your Hair Look?

The most important thing to consider when it comes to wedding day hair is your own style and how you envision yourself to look as you walk down the aisle. Go with your gut and choose the hairstyle that suits you best, whether or not its on our list. That way, when you look back at your wedding album and see pictures of you with your pony, plait or top knot, you’ll feel nothing but the same joy you felt on your big day.