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Wedding Shenanigans You’re Gonna Love

What if you could just relax on your wedding day and actually have some fun?! True, weddings can sometimes be anything but relaxing but thanks to Walter Gonzalez Photography and a whole slew of talented out of the box thinking vendors, we can get a glimpse into a world where a carefree wedding is possible.

Mischief, prankishness, and good ole fashioned fun was the inspiration behind this styled shoot and the Double Tree by Hilton was the perfect location for this unique shoot since it's located in the heart of Orange County, California. One of the aspects we love is the bride and maid of honor's dress choice. Instead of choosing a high maintenance wedding dress, they opted for something short and sassy so they could strut their stuff down the aisle.

Even if a relaxed or crazy weddings isn't your thing you can still appreciate all of the modern designs, bright colors, and cool locations!

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From the photographer… Weddings are crazy all on their own, especially the days leading up to the day of the wedding. Every detail matters because, as the bride, you want your day to be absolutely perfect. The venue, the caterer, and figuring out the guest list, are just a few things to worry about when planning a wedding; the list goes on and on, which could potentially be the reason why some brides earn the glamorous title of “bridezilla,” for the duration of planning their wedding. Once you have all the details sorted out, you must get through the actual day of the wedding. You are hoping everything goes well and there will be no one around to stir up trouble. Especially since you have invested so much time on your special day and probably have had mini breakdowns here and there, anyone posing to be a nuisance on your wedding day would absolutely put you over the edge. However, what would happen if the bride and groom themselves, were the ones causing chaos at their very own wedding?

Mischief, prankishness, and good ole fashioned fun was the inspiration behind our styled wedding shoot. This bride and groom refused to let anything wedding-related get them down, instead they brought a bit of their own craziness to have what most would call a very not so traditional wedding. The Double Tree by Hilton was the perfect choice for this unique shoot as it conveniently located in the heart of Orange County, California, and had everything to offer for this whimsy styled wedding day! From the guest rooms, to the pool area, this hotel delivered! Shenanigans… the trickery was evident in every crazy detail! Rather than have a bridal gown that requires an extra set of hands just to get down the aisle, this bride, along with her maid of honor, went with dresses much more short and sassy. This allowed for the bride to strut those Turquoise/ teal pumps and have everyone asking why she thought those shoes were a good idea. The electrifying color palette may have been better suited for another occasion, but for these gals, anything shy from over the top color, was unacceptable.

The Groom and Groomsmen got into the swing, with the attention drawn to their accessories; perfectly patterned sock wear and the brightest of suit, bowties, and suspenders. It’s all about the pop when navigating your way through the antics of the day! The floral was absolutely on point. The blooms were unique, vibrant, and fun! From billy balls to coffee bean, the flowers were seasonally timeless. Hot pinks, corn yellows, and deep purple hues added just the right amount of snap found in the bouquets, reception table pieces, and the after party! Speaking of the reception area, we cannot help gloat with the fact that the set up was oozing with over the top creativity! Grass room dividers adorned with photo frames, made a fanciful backdrop for the head table! Simplicity reinvented… Centerpieces just single stems planted in vases- Brilliant! Sit back, and get ready, for a playful, mischievous ride through one hilarious, and joy filled wedding day!

Photographer:  Walter Gonzalez Photography // Event Planner: A Little Bit of Glitter // Makeup Artist: BreLuxe Beauty // Apparel: Cocorose Boutique // Reception Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Irvine Spectrum // Dress Store: Ferndales Bridal // Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Friar Tux Shop // Caterer:In Good Taste Catered Cuisine//Jewelry: Patricia Robitaille jewelry // Cinema and Video: Sonrise Media // Equipment Rentals: Sweet Pea Vintage Rentals // Floral Designer: The Dizzy Daisy //

Submitted via Two Bright Lights