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Our Favorite Baby Toys for 3 and 4 Month Olds

I really think that you mamas are going to find this post helpful! I wish I had had a post like this to look to when shopping for #BabyCow's toys. I purchased a lot of toys that I liked the look of and just expected my son to like them because, well, they were toys.

I can't tell you how many toys I have purchased since Jack's been born that I have returned. So here are the best toys for 4-month-old babies (according to us 😉 )

1.) The Ogosport Sensory Ball

I purchased this ball when Jack was 3 months old and he liked to hold it but that was about it. Once he turned 4 months he LOVED this ball. He was always tugging and chewing on it. This ball is great because it is so easy for baby to grasp and put in their mouth.

2.) SmartNoggin Noggin-Seek Rattle

This peek and seek rattle is not only easy to grab a hold of and makes noise, it helps baby's reach their developmental milestones through play. The striped tube slides in and out which keeps the baby entertained and the beads spin helping baby learn their first lesson in physics!

3.) Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy

I finally broke down and purchased this teether. It's $20.00 so I was reluctant, but it was actually worth it. Its size and shape are super easy for the baby to handle and fit in their mouth. It has little bumps like a toothbrush to get baby used to brushing their teeth. Jack absolutely loves it when I pretend to brush his teeth with it. When I'm done he opens his mouth for me to do it again!

I know I will get a lot of emails about Jack's customized toy tool box so I'm linking it here. We received this as a gift at his baby shower and it has been such a cute decorative item for his nursery. It comes with little tools and bolts for him to play with when he is older. But, right now it is working great as our toy and pacifier holder!

Obviously, there are TONS of toys out there and these only scratch the surface. So if you have found a great toy that you love for your infant please share in the comments because we would love to try it out!

*This is NOT a sponsored post. These are just our favorite baby toys for this age. I really hope one of these will work for your baby too!

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