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Dirt Bike Engagement Session

Who would have thought a dirtbike engagement session would be this beautiful?! Tailored Fit Photography did such a great job highlighting the couple's hobby and passion.


How did you choose the theme and location for your engagement session?
The theme of our photos came from our mutual love of Dirt biking. Dustin and I are complete opposites in most way but biking brings us together and is something we love doing together so it made sense to showcase that in our photos. The location was actually picked by Ryan, he knew the kind of photos we were after and mentioned this location. We had never actually been there before that day.


How did you choose the clothing you wore?
Choosing the clothing was quite a comical experience. I'm pretty sure i tried on everything in my closet at least twice. Since we were incorporating the bike pants were obvious and i love fall fashion so boots were a must. We also wanted to keep thing pretty casual as neither of us are stuffy people. So i recommended that Dustin wear a knit sweater to look nice while still being casual and comfortable. Then came time for me to choose a sweater. I have a tenancy to wear a lot of black and grey and seeing as he was already wearing grey I decided that we needed some color so I choose the green sweater to be a popping point for the photos.


Which wedding planning tasks are you struggling with and how are you overcoming them?
We are still actually 10 months away from our wedding so we are doing actually really well getting everything planned stress free. If i had to pick something that is a struggle id probably say deciding what to do for decor. We have a beautiful location picked out so we don't need much but still need a bit to tie of colors in. I am actually going to overcome that by letting me mother Janet Voth help. She is an interior decorator in Calgary, Ab – Designing Spacez, so she is great with this kind of thing and is very creative so I'm sure we will come up with something fantastic.


Photographer:  Tailored Fit Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights