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Disney Inspired San Francisco City Hall Wedding

If you're on the fence about hiring a day of coordinater or wedding planner than today's Real Wedding is for you. Christine shares with us some of the things she wishes she would have done differently on her wedding day, and how having a planner may have made things run a little smoother.

All of you Disney brides will especially enjoy today's post because Christine subtly incorporates her love for Disney in the wedding decor, like adding a pair I DO mouse ear decals to the bottom of her heels!

IQ Photo Studio does such a lovely job capturing Christine and Alex's special day at the San Francisco City Hall.

If you could change something about your wedding day look, would you?
For my wedding day look, I should have used so much more hairspray. But I didn't want my hair to look stiff. I thought I wanted a more natural look, so not a lot of hair product, but I wanted my curls to last! I should have used much, much more hair product to make sure my curls lasted all day and through all our photos. Other than that, I loved my wedding day look!

What is something you would have done differently for your wedding if given the chance and why?
I would have designated a coordinator or planner. We did all the planning on our own; scheduling, researching, ordering, etc. Looking back, there were many things that did not need our involvement. I would have handed off the list. I ended up relying on my mom for some of the details, but I just wanted her to enjoy the day with everyone else. Thank God for my Mom!

What are some things you paid for that you feel were a waste of money and why?
One item that I feel was a waste of money was the customized favor tags. Really didn't need them. The favor was enough. We could have also done without the decorative candles we bought for the restaurant reception. They didn't get much attention and were just in the way of the family style food dishes on the tables.

What are some things you wished you would have included in your wedding that you didn't?
I should have included the bouquet toss. I even bought a special bouquet, but forgot to take time for the toss! So much was happening and taking in the moment at the ceremony that I just forgot. Of course, if I would have had a planner, it would have been part of the day!

I should have also included a special car to take us from the restaurant to our hotel at the end of the day. We planned for the restaurant and hotel to be in close vicinity, but we didn't plan how we were getting from the restaurant to the hotel. Of course, we had a family more than willing to take us. But it would have added a more dramatic departure for us to have a car pick us up and take us to our hotel, even if it was less than 20 minutes transit.

Throughout your wedding day, did you have anything go wrong or a “Bummed Bride” moment? If so, how did you handle it?
Things seemed to be going fine until I looked at the time. I suddenly felt like we were behind on time and I felt stressed. I knew there was mid day traffic and from the hotel to City Hall transit time is unpredictable. I panicked a little thinking I would be late-not a problem for most weddings, except that at City Hall you only have a reserved time slot. Luckily we had the best photographers with us. They knew the City and had done this many times. They were sweet and professional and helped to assure me there was plenty of time. This was a moment that could have affected the rest of my day, but I had people around me that helped me get past it and smile instead.

What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?
My favorite moment was when I saw my son waiting for me at City Hall. I was not sure until the last minute if he would be able to be at the wedding. He is a sailor in the US Navy. He walked me up the beautiful staircase to give me away. My heart was so happy, a perfect moment. Another moment that I loved was our sand ceremony for our blended family. The unity that it symbolizes means so much to us.

What is your best advice for brides planning their wedding?
Create your dream. It is possible. Whether you have a large budget or small, there are those most important elements that you must have to make your wedding day what you dream about. Know what those most important elements are and make sure they are incorporated your way.

How to Subtly Add Disney Touches to Your Wedding Day:

Photographer:  IQphoto Studio//Event Venue: San Francisco City Hall // Hair: Charrie Hair and Makeup // Makeup: Thang Dao // String Musicians: Corelli Strings // Wedding Dress: BB Bridal // Shoes: Badgley Mischka Kiara // Shoe Decals: Enchanted Party Shoppe (Etsy) // Hidden Mickey Princess Veil: Karissas Veil Boutique (Etsy) // Bridal Brooch Bouquet: Burlap and Bling Studio (Etsy) // Custom Wedding Guestbook: Indras Ideas (Etsy) // Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger: Diving Days (Etsy) // Hydrangea Boutonniere Corsages: LX Designs (Etsy)