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Earthy Outdoor Oregon Wedding

Ever wonder what would happen if you threw your decorating plan out the window? No more does this shade of white match this shade of white? Or I have to use lace because everything else is lace.

What if you picked every little detail just because you liked that detail and who cares if its not supposed to “go” with these other details you love?

This wedding shows exactly what happens and the result is pure awesomeness!

Earthy outdoor wedding in Oregon_0001

What were the top priorities for you in planning your wedding?

The top aesthetic priorities were decor and the wedding party attire. Beyond that, having both a photographer and florist who understood Brian and I as a couple was really quite important. In that regard we got incredibly lucky to find such talented people.

The other aspects that held priority over others was the food and drinks for the reception. We really wanted to offer our guests something special that would cater to all tastes and diets. We had vegan and gluten free options for dinner as well as cupcakes that coordinated with our wedding cake. I really just wanted everyone to have a good time and feel included.

Earthy outdoor wedding in Oregon_0002

Did you have a wedding planner? If so, what was your experience with them?

I did not have a wedding planner. For the most part I was able to handle all the planning myself but I now understand the need for a “day of” coordinator! Before my wedding I didn't really see the need for one unless you were having a large elaborate affair but even with our laid back 125 attendee wedding I felt like I had too much on my plate the day of.

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Earthy outdoor wedding in Oregon_0004

Throughout your wedding planning did you have a moment when you were a Bummed Bride? If so, how did you overcome it?

The morning of the wedding it rained, which I was happy about being an Oregonian and all, but it meant that we couldn't start setting up as early as we had hoped. That made our entire time-line tighter and a bit jumbled. I felt like I didn't have the same organization that I thought I would have and everything seemed to be going wrong.

Then I learned that the venue didn't have as many round tables as I planned on them having. That is when I became really upset and frustrated. I wasn't mad at anyone in particular but I felt so overwhelmed with all to be done and to be figured out that my brain was just like “Nope! Not doing this anymore!” Thankfully my mother and sister were rock stars and figured out how to make some long tables work in place of the round tables so that all guests would have a place and that the table numbers/seating chart wouldn't have to be altered.

Because I had hit such a wall of emotion that I couldn't overcome Brian took me for a drive. We talked and got coffee. I don't know what I would have done without that alone time with him that day. Example 34590 why I married him: he knows just how to be there for me.

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Earthy outdoor wedding in Oregon_0006

Did you do a first look? Would you recommend it to future brides?

We didn't do a first look, even though the idea intrigued me. The reality of the wedding day didn't really lend well to us doing one so I'm glad we didn't plan on doing it. Because of the hectic morning we had I ended up getting ready later than I wanted to, meaning that our ceremony began late (In true fashion I suppose; I'm always late).

Had we taken the time for the first look the guests would have waited even longer, and besides that I enjoyed seeing Brian's face when I came out walking towards him.

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Earthy outdoor wedding in Oregon_0008

What was your favorite part of wedding planning?

I really loved coming up with ideas for decor as well as making beaded crowns for the ladies in the wedding party and putting together their looks. They were all so beautiful. The cool thing about doing so many projects myself was getting to have my friends and family pitch in. They were truly amazing and helped me so much!

Together we made fabric hexagons lined in pompom trim for the tables, strings of beads with a thousand cranes, and half a dozen other little projects and things. I was so touched at their willingness and enthusiasm to be a part of making our wedding happen. I think that above anything was my favorite part, that it brought our families and friends together even closer.

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Earthy outdoor wedding in Oregon_10

What is your best advice to future brides?

I would say that my advice is to use your wedding as way of expressing who you and your partner, and keeping in mind that it is really a celebration. Throughout the whole planning process I had to remind myself that this whole thing was about Brian and I celebrating our love and commitment with those we care about. With that in mind it was easy to see that everything would work out fine in the end.

The key I think is to enjoy the planning process. If you aren't enjoying it then it isn't worth it. If you don't want dancing, then don't have dancing. If you don't want to wear uncomfortable shoes then don't. No one is judging you or expecting anything more than what you actually want to plan. Just have fun and your guests will too!

Oh, and having a day-of wedding coordinator, even if it is just a designated and trusted friend or relative, would be advisable! That is one thing I wish some one would have seriously suggested for me. It is hard to understand until the actual day just how busy you really will be!

Photographer:  Kel Ward Photography // Location: Ron's Pond // Wedding Gown: Grandma's Wedding // Flowers: Morning Glories Floral // Harpist: Asia Moore // Bridesmaid Dresses: ModCloth, Paisley Crush, and Tatyana // Bride's engagement ring: Wan Love Designs // Bride's wedding band: Samuels Jewelers Inc  // Groom's ring: Swank Metalsmithing // Bride's headpiece: Icing101 // Cake: Whitney Svoboda // Goblets and Tablecloths: For the Love of Pete // Catering: Valley Catering

Submitted via Two Bright Lights