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Gone Fishing Engagement Session

We love it when couples get creative and use a theme or special location to showcase their personality. That's just what Megan and Dave did. They both shared a love for fishing and this particular location was somewhere Megan used to go all the time with her family.


How did you choose the fishing theme and location of your photo shoot?

We chose the fishing/outdoor theme because David loves fishing and I also grew up fishing and camping. We sometimes fish together too. The location was actually somewhere that I used to go to all the time with family when I was younger, so therefore it was special to me.


How did you choose the clothing you and Dave wore?

Honestly, the clothing we chose were just outfits that we both were comfortable with. We did a nice outfit and one casual and we both just chose what we wanted to wear, didn't try to match or anything like that.

Which wedding planning tasks are you struggling with and how are you overcoming it?
The wedding tasks that we are struggling with is just in general keeping everything in order, there is so much to do and organize within a short amount. However, it has been a lot of fun, we are enjoying it!


Fishing has never been so cute, right?! Thank you to Erin Lane Photography for sharing this adorable fishing themed engagement session!

Fishing Wedding Ideas

From the photographer… Megan and Dave are a happy, giggly couple who wanted to capture their love for fishing in their engagement session. The two met me at a creek in Bloomingburg, New York. We stepped in and out of the cool water and captured the last few rays of the sun. Megan and Dave were a joy to be around. Their love for each other is obvious! I am looking forward to celebrating their love in November 2016.

Photographer:  Erin Lane Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights