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A New Mom Bundle You’ll Love!

I don' t know about you but I always struggle with what to get someone for their baby shower, especially if I don't know them very well or if they haven't registered very many places. Sometimes moms don't register for the little things because they know people prefer to buy clothes or cute toys.

The older I've gotten (and now that I have had #BabyCow) I realize just how important those baby shower gifts are for first-time parents. You literally have nothing. So when I heard about this New Mama Bundle from Surprise Ride I was pretty excited to share it! The New Mama Bundle is a great (easy) go-to gift that has all the essentials for new parents.

The Bundle includes things like; a swaddle, pacifiers and a clip, pee-pee teepees (for boys), brush/comb set (for girls), and other practical necessities. All of the items are hypoallergenic and bio-friendly so there is no need to worry when it comes to baby's safety or health.

All of the items come in a cute bundle that makes you look like you have gift styling skills!

I can tell you first hand, after just recently having my showers, getting a starter pack would be super helpful and save you a last minute trip to Buy Buy Baby. And trust me, the last thing a new mama wants to do is have to leave the house and get more wipes.

p.s. Surprise Ride is offering Bumps and Bottles readers 10% off! Use discount code NEWMAMA10 at checkout!


*This post is sponsored by Surprise Ride. Big thanks to them and to all of our sponsors who allow us to inspire you mamas and your families!