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Assortment of Repurpose Compostable Tableware on a Dining Table

Repurpose: Time-Saving, Eco-Friendly Dining for Moms

In the chaotic world of motherhood, where time is a precious commodity and convenience is key, finding smart and eco-friendly solutions can be a game-changer.

One ultimate mom hack that has transformed our dinnertime routine is embracing the use of Repurpose compostable products. But not just any disposable products – we're talking about Repurpose, a brand committed to providing sustainable and compostable tableware that's both practical and planet-friendly.

Retrieving Repurpose compostable dinnerware from the kitchen cabinet.
Embracing eco-friendly dining – pulling out Repurpose dinnerware for a sustainable mealtime.

A Little Bit About Repurpose

Founded in 2010, Repurpose is not just a brand; it's a movement led by women, committed to creating green alternatives to disposable plastic.

Unlike other trends, Repurpose emerged in response to a real problem: the environmental impact of single-use plastics. This brand's plant-based compostable and reusable tableware is designed with both people and the planet in mind.

My son enjoying a drink with a Repurpose compostable cup
Sipping sustainably with Repurpose – teaching eco-friendly habits from a young age.

Repurpose Compostable Products

Compostable Plates:

Our dinnertime hero – Repurpose's 6″ Dessert Plates. Made from sugarcane scraps and wood pulp, these plates are a guilt-free choice for every meal. Sturdy and non-toxic, they are crafted to serve their purpose and then return to the earth, leaving no trace of waste. Perfect for sweet desserts or savory appetizers, these plates are a must-have for busy moms who value sustainability.

Compostable Fork:

Pierce your food, not the ozone layer. Repurpose's sturdy Forks are made from corn and other plant-based materials, ensuring that your mealtime decisions are eco-conscious. BPA-free and non-toxic, these forks allow you to chow down with confidence, handling even the heartiest of bites. A simple switch that makes a big impact on your environmental footprint.

Compostable Hot and Cold Cups:

For the moms who cherish their morning brew or evening cocoa, Repurpose offers the ideal solution. The 12 oz Hot and Cold Cups are made from paper, ensuring they are non-toxic and BPA-free. Take your time sipping that latte to-go, knowing that your cup is contributing to a plastic-free future. You choose the milk; Repurpose takes care of the rest.

Saving Time and Dishes

The ultimate mom hack lies in the simplicity of using Repurpose's compostable tableware. No more wrestling with the guilt of contributing to plastic waste or spending extra time on post-dinner cleanup. With Repurpose compostable products, you can enjoy the convenience of disposable products without compromising on sustainability.

In the journey of motherhood, every small decision counts. By choosing Repurpose, you're not just saving time and dishes; you're making a conscious choice for a better planet.