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Cake-N-Bake Challenge Board Game Fun for the Whole Family

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Step into the thrilling world of cooking shows right in your game room with the Cake-N-Bake Challenge! This fast-paced, color-matching, cake-building game brings out the competitive baker in you as you race against time to stack your cake. The game features vibrant, textured foam cake slices and icing cards with a wide array of delicious toppings, from gummy pandas to rainbow sprinkles.

But beware of the Special Action Cards, which can either give you a fun advantage or create chaos with challenges like baking with one hand or missing a turn due to a burnt cake! There are three ways to play, catering to different skill levels and even sensory play for teams. The goal is to be the fastest baker to correctly stack your cake and become the ultimate Cake-N-Bake Challenge champ!


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