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Vineyard Wedding at Riverbend Chapel

I have to say I was so excited when I came across this vineyard wedding at Riverbend Chapel! For starters, these peplum bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous and the black, white, and gold color palette was so fitting for such a classic bride.

This bride's story is the classic love story, with a little twist. In their case timing was everything and it wasn't always in their favor. But once they did get together everything aligned perfectly! And when it came to the wedding classic again was key. Doing most of the decor themselves, this bride saved a ton of money only using two vendors, besides photography!

You would never know how thrifty this bride was with her wedding planning judging by her beautiful pictures and excellent organization!

Wedding Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel_0001
Wedding Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel_0002
Wedding Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel_0003

From the Bride: We tried to make things just simple, pretty, and classic. “Classic” is what I tried to think of whenever I was making decisions for the day. We only used two vendors, besides our wonderful photographers, Sonya Lalla Photography, and that was Weinhardt Party Rentals for our glasses and napkins, and Zach Lewis, from Illinois, for our music. Other than that, everything was done by us.

We ordered our flowers from Sams Club and put them together the night before, my wonderful Momma made our food, my students helped us set up and tear down, my cousin help set up all of the bars and did all of the signs, and Steve’s childhood neighbor did all of our desserts.

There were plenty of other things that people helped us with and we are so thankful for everyone who helped make our day so perfect!

Wedding Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel_0004
Wedding Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel_0005
Wedding Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel_0006
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Wedding Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel_00010

Photographer:  Sonya Lalla Photography // Location:American Legion Hall // Equipment Rentals: Weinhardt Party Rentals // Reception Venue: The Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel //

Submitted via Two Bright Lights