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What are Pinterest Communities + Which Ones to Join Right Now!

In case you haven't heard, Pinterest has just launched a new addition to their platform; Pinterest Communities!

What is a Pinterest Community?

Pinterest is primarily used as a search engine and has never claimed to be a social media network, until now! Joining a Pinterest Community is very simple and you can create your own Pinterest community if you have a Business Pinterest account.

Pinners will now have a new way to connect with their audience by posting comments, have conversations, and everyone's favorite addition, the ability to add links!

Since this is a brand new feature, now is the perfect time to grab your unique Community Name!

How to Join a Pinterest Community

You will need to join at least one community to unlock the new Pinterest community feature.

You must unlock this feature using the app on your phone. It may also take some time until the new Pinterest Community tab appears.

Once you have the new feature unlocked, you will be able to search for other communities to join and create your own!

Join Our Pinterest Communities

Here is a list of some of our brand new Pinterest communities you can join right now to unlock this exciting new feature. We are also going to use the new Communities to keep track of some fun blog contests too!


New Moms

First Time Moms

Baby Boy Clothes

Baby Girl Clothes

Children's Clothes



Do you have a favorite Pinterest community? If so, share your communities in the comments!