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3 Free iOS 10 Stickers that Capture Your Wedding Planning Feelings Perfectly!

I'm sure by now you've heard of Apple rolling out their latest iOS 10, but did you know one of the main additions to the update is Stickers?! Text messaging now has it's own app store with tons of free and paid stickers. The Bummed Bride team stayed up all night playing searching for the best stickers that capture all of your wedding planning feelings, and we found some pretty good ones!

1.) My Little Mood

Your little mood iOS stickers
This little girl says it all. From major tears to a devilish grin, she covers all of our wedding feels.

2.) Stickerpipe/Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan iOS stickers
This sassy collection has tons of wine stickers, a box of tissues, and an adorable set of spoons spooning.  Most of these stickers can totally relate to the stress of planning a wedding.
Note: This sticker pack is slightly difficult to find. You have to first install Stickerpipe and then you can add the Cosmopolitan pack. Cosmopolitan does not have a stand-alone sticker pack at this time.

3.) Travel by Marriott

Travel by Marriott iOS stickers
This is one of the cutest travel sticker packs and it's Free! Our favorites are the “Do not Disturb” sign, “I woke up like this” eyemask, and the spa girl!

Obviously, there are already tons of iOS 10 stickers and many more to come, but these 3 iPhone sticker packs do a pretty darn good job helping us express ourselves while planning a wedding! Get ready to waste a few hours trying to figure out the new update! Happy searching!