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Affordable Storage Solutions for Your Nursery

One of my favorite spaces to organize in our house has been my son's nursery. This room (when tidy) is so relaxing and peaceful. One of the ways I can keep the space manageable is our storage solutions.

Our floating bookshelf keeps books on display and off the floor, and I can keep the clothing separated by using inexpensive dividers and fabric bins from the Dollar Store.

Here is a full breakdown of the inexpensive storage solutions we are using in our nursery.

1.) Floating Bookshelf – I am obsessed with this piece. It holds a decent amount of books and has a simple design that matches any space nicely.

2.) Book Bin – We have so many books and they don't all fit on our shelf, so this book bin holds the overflow. The best part is that my son can put away his own books and help with the cleanup!

3.) Drawer Dividers – I recently included these in our favorite Amazon organization finds and that's because you get 8 in a set and for the price you just can't beat them.

4.) Open Wire End Table – We use this little table as a nightstand. The stand opens and stores extra stuffed animals. We purchased ours at Home Goods, but I have linked a similar style.

Algot closet system from IKEA

5.) Closet System – This closet system has been so perfect for my son! All of the shelves and baskets are adjustable so the layout can grow with your child. We are using the IKEA Algot system.

6.) Shoe Cubby Storage – These cubbies are the perfect size for children's shoes. This is another practical storage solution your toddler can help with.

7.) Plastic Drawer Organizers – This 3 pack is only $1.99 and the perfect size for organizing our little medicine drawer.

8.) Fabric Bins – We use these little bins from the Dollar Tree in combination with our drawer dividers to keep items separate and organized in our dresser.

9.) Fabric Laundry Bin – Having a laundry hamper that permanently stays in the nursery is a must!

10.) Organic Edge Mix and Match Wall Shelf – These shelves were one of the more expensive storage solutions in our nursery, but they contribute so much to the room decor. The shelves are from World Market so be sure to apply a coupon (You get 15% off for signing up but they have sales all the time!)

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