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How to Choose the Right Baby Floor Seat

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This post is sponsored by Regalo; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Since Jack has been about three months old we have absolutely loved using baby floor seats. One of our favorite baby floor seats that really helps aid baby to sit up has one major downfall, it doesn't have a tray and only has a couple of small toys attached. Now that Jack has hit the six month mark we have started eating solids so we really needed something with a tray.

I know what you are thinking, we could just use a highchair, but we still haven't actually found a highchair we love and so far Jack can't stand to sit in it. However, he is all about this Regalo baby floor seat.

Since Jack is one the larger side we've had trouble finding floor seats (and highchairs) that fit his round frame. One of the things we really like about this baby floor seat is the option to remove the gray insert for when baby outgrows it! I can tell you right now these chunky little thighs and big belly will have us removing the insert in no time.

Feeding Jack in this infant floor seat has been really easy and he has seemed to really enjoy it because he is so comfortable. Now that he is six months old he doesn't need a chair with a high back because we are trying to encourage him to strengthen his back and neck. I can pretty much always set Jack in this seat (as long as he isn't tired or hungry) to get things done. It's lightweight and the tray is easy to get on and off.

(Make sure your baby is always supervised in the seat and never put your floor seat on any elevated surface. Make sure it stays on the floor.)

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Baby Floor Seat


This is a big one! We tried several floor seats and as soon as we got Jack in the seat his belly was right up against it and I could tell he did not have much wiggle room to grow. Also, some floor seats have very small openings and may never fit chunky baby thighs so make sure your floor seat at least has the option to accommodate a growing child.


Your baby should always be harnessed in, especially if they are on the smaller side. These straps are there for safety and to guarantee your baby is well supported and positioned correctly.


Floor seats come in all sizes and materials. If possible, choose a floor seat that has a soft foamy cushioned insert to keep your baby as comfortable as you can. This is especially important early on.


Your baby is going to get a ton of use out of a floor seat tray. Not only can you feed your baby in the seat but you can also place their favorite toys on the tray for endless entertainment. Some floor seats do not come with trays and require you to purchase them later. In order to save some money try to choose one (like the Regalo) that includes a tray from the start.


Your baby's floor seat is going to make an appearance in every room of your house so finding a neutral minimalist floor seat will be easy on mommy's eyes. Do you really want another obnoxious bright colored children's toy… I didn't think so 😉

Baby floor seats, though not a necessity, have definitely helped me keep Jack entertained. He's really enjoyed getting a new perspective in his little life and I've enjoyed getting a few extra things done, like write this post 😉