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Tips for Creating an Attractive Baby-Friendly Living Room

SponsoredThis post is sponsored by Regalo; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When you have kids, your perfectly put together living room has to take a back seat. Here are five tips for creating an attractive kid-friendly living room that the whole family can enjoy.

Keep Things Neutral

One of the simplest ways to keep a space clean and attractive is by choosing a neutral color palette. Your child's books and toys will lend lots of color to the space.

Choose a Stylish Baby Gate

Baby gates are extremely useful. If you have the space for a baby gate in your living room, I highly recommend it. It is so nice to be able to keep your child in a single area and know that they are safe and can't get into anything.

This super wide baby gate from Regalo Baby is the perfect solution for enclosing your child's play area. I love being able to work around my kitchen and have my son in view.

When you choose a stylish baby gate it becomes less noticeable and blends into the space.

Conceal Toys

Instead of forbidding toys in the living room opt for some decorative baskets and bins to store them. These storage items not only look great in the living room, but they also make cleanup a breeze and keep obnoxious toys out of sight.

Rethink Your Furniture

Your baby or toddler is going to be climbing all over your living room. They will have many chances to get hurt on coffee table corners and spill something on your fancy white couch.

If possible, hold off purchasing new furniture until your baby is a little older. Consider using a round coffee table or upholstered ottoman. If your furniture isn't kid-friendly, you can always purchase baby corner protectors to keep things safe.

My husband and I are waiting until our son is a little older to update our couch and coffee table. Yes, it is super old, but it is also very soft and has round plush corners.

Purchase Baby Items in Neutral Colors

It's a known fact that bright colors stimulate babies, but that doesn't mean you have to choose a bright pink floor seat when the same floor seat comes in a subtle gray.

Things like baby walkers, play-mats, and floor seats will all end up making an appearance in your living room. Choosing a more neutral color will help maintain the original style of the space.

Don't Forget About Stairs

Our living room opens up to a very very steep set of stairs. If you have a baby on the move, you need to make sure you purchase a baby gate specifically designed for the top of the stairs.

We chose an extra tall baby gate for the top of our staircase so no one would be tempted to step over it.

Have Fun

Your days of keeping a perfectly neat and kid-free zone are likely a thing of the past. Don't restrict your child's play just so you can have a formal living space.

I tell myself this daily as I sit on my old couch and stare at my son's teepee and train-set while sipping my morning coffee.

Please keep in mind that no baby gate is a substitute for careful supervision of your baby. Never leave your child unattended and make sure to do proper research for baby-proofing your home.

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For this exact setup that is pictured, we are using (2) of the Super Wide Baby Gates, and the 6×8 Little Nomad play-mat in feather

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