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It’s Not Too Late to Finish Your Baby’s Memory Book

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Let's be real for a minute, being a new mom is hard. You are running on little to no sleep and creating a memory book for your baby is probably the last thing on your mind.

Add creating a baby memory book to the list of things I have struggled to keep up with as a new mom. Creating a baby book for my son is important to me because I know that I'm going to forget about all of his first little moments and I want to be able to look back on them and possibly compare them to my next child.

I reached out to Lucy Darling to share this post idea with them because I think the Baby's First Year Books are amazing and super simple.

Mom's can easily piece the baby book together without having to think of what to write or which memories to include. Even if your child is no longer a baby, you can still create a memory book for them, and we are going to show you how.

How to Easily Create a Baby Memory Book


Round Up Your Baby's Photos

The Lucy Darling Baby's First Books have 48 photos total:
+1 Front Photo
+1 You arrived
+1 Where you lived
+12 Monthly
+5 Birthdays
+1 First Day of School
+1 Mom’s Belly
+14 Firsts
+12 Holidays or Other Family Firsts

Thankfully, technology is much more organized than we are. Did you know that you can search by date range on most cell phones (Siri can actually do this for you too)? So if you are searching for a photo of when your baby was one-month-old, you can select a specific date range in your camera roll.

The camera roll isn't the only place to look. Make sure you peruse your Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram because all of these social networks give you the date they were taken or uploaded.

As a last resort, you can always reach out to friends and family to share any photos they might have of your little one.


Do a little research

The Baby's First Memory Books includes a page to put how much things cost when baby was born.
Here's a little cheat-sheet for those not-so-easy-to-find-things.

What was the price of fuel when your baby was born?
Gas Buddy lets you search by State and year to give you a general idea of how much gas cost the month your baby was born.

What did a loaf of bread cost?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics will give you the U.S. city average for retail food and energy prices.

What was a popular song? will find the #1 song on the day you were born.


Remembering All of Baby's Firsts

Each month there is a space to fill in the things you'll never forget, what baby loved, what baby can do, and what baby doesn't like. You can get ideas of what to put here by talking to your family members and looking through your social media accounts.

We have several close family members that live out of town so we would always share Jack's moments on Snapchat and iCloud albums. Scrolling back through these social platforms can jog your memory for some of baby's firsts.

Hopefully, these tips will help you finally be able to finish (or start ;)) your baby's memory book. Even though it doesn't seem important now, you and your child will be happy you have a baby book in a few years to look back on.

You can choose from six baby memory book designs. We are using the Special Edition: Golden Stargazer Memory Book for this post. The special edition books have beautiful gold foil accents throughout the pages!

Make sure you check out the Lucy Darling blog for tips on which pens to use, the best adhesives, photo sizes, and where to print your images!

These were just a few of our resources. How did you find the information and photos to complete your baby's book?!