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Practical Places to Put Your Baby’s Play Mat

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Did you know that there is more than one place to put your baby's play mat? When you choose a beautiful play mat, like Little Nomad, your options open up, and you might be surprised how many places you can put them.

The Living Room

Toddler playing with his kitchen on a Little Nomad playmat

Finally, there is a baby play mat that is neutral and complimentary to an adult's space. The Little Nomad play mat disguises itself as a beautiful heirloom rug that any family would gladly display in their home.

Since we don't have a dedicated playroom, we use our play mat to section off my son's place area. Sectioning off his space helps keep toys contained and out of the rest of the living room.

Home Office

Little boy walking on a Little Nomad foam play mat in a home office

This one is a game changer! Being able to have a safe spot to let your little one play while you do office work is so helpful! We have our play mat at the foot of our bed, directly to the right of our home office space and we can easily keep an eye on our son while he plays.


Toddler playing on the Little Nomad playmat in Feather

These play mats come in neutral colors and different sizes to fit almost any area. Even if a large play mat isn't ideal for your space, you can still purchase a 4×6 mat to use in baby's nursery (or anywhere else in your home).

Foam play mats are excellent for tummy time and for helping baby learn to crawl and trust me, the Little Nomad options are much easier on the eyes than the typical obnoxiously bright ones you see at the store.

Instagram Backdrop

Baby doing tummy time

These play mats seriously make the ultimate photo backdrop for your little one! No need to purchase a milestone blanket when you have a neutral play mat that looks this good.

The Kitchen

Thanks to the upcoming launch of the Nama Mat, you will soon be able to have the same Little Nomad feel in your kitchen! Doing dishes is much better when you're standing on a comfortable and supportive mat. Not to mention, it also mimics an heirloom rug, so it's going to look beautiful!

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