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Scientific Lab Bath Toy

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Parents are always on the lookout for toys that combine entertainment and education, and the Scientific Lab Bath Toy is the perfect solution. This unique and engaging bathtub experience will capture your child's imagination while igniting their interest in science.

Scientific Lab Bath Toy - Educational STEM Learning Fun for Kids
Explore STEM learning fun with the Scientific Lab Bath Toy. It sparks curiosity and creativity in the tub

Unleash Creativity 🏄

This bath toy offers an innovative way to make bath time both fun and educational. It includes silicone tubes, flasks, funnels, and a beaker that can be connected to construct twisting pipe designs. These components suction securely to the tub, ensuring uninterrupted play. As your child pours water from the beaker on top, observe the mesmerizing swirl through the pipes and funnels, creating a captivating water flow that eventually returns to the tub. For added excitement, consider using bath color tablets to introduce a magical bathcolor effect.

A Scientific Adventure 🐬

What sets  this Bath Toy apart is its US UTILITY PATENTED design, making it an advanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) bath toy. With test tubes, flasks, and pipes that offer various construction possibilities, this tub toy will inspire your child to explore the wonders of science while having a blast in the bath.

Sanitary and Convenient

Maintaining the cleanliness of bath toys is essential, and this toy makes it effortless. It's perfect for kids' bubble baths and is easy to clean. Plus, the included bonus mesh bag allows you to hang items for drying and airing overnight, ready for the next bathtime adventure.

Where to Find The Scientific Lab Bath Toy!

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