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Wooden Lollipop Play Set

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Playtime just got a whole lot sweeter! Melissa & Doug's Wooden Lollipop Play Set is here to delight children aged three and older with endless creative possibilities. From designing delectable wooden lollipops to managing their own sweet shop, this imaginative playset offers a delightful mix of fun and learning.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Lollipop Play Set - Colorful Wooden Lollipops
Colorful Wooden Lollipops – Melissa & Doug Wooden Lollipop Play Set

Imaginative Playtime with the Melissa & Doug Wooden Lollipop Play Set:

At the heart of the pretend play set is the opportunity for imaginative play. Children can unleash their creativity by decorating four unique wooden lollipops using felt pieces and fabric cords that easily attach to self-stick tabs on the pops. It's a hands-on activity that encourages artistic expression and fine motor skills development.

Learning Through Play:

This playset goes beyond creativity; it's an educational tool in disguise. As kids package the lollipops in see-through sleeves and use the wooden storage tray for presentation, they are introduced to concepts of organization and presentation. Plus, the inclusion of play money adds an exciting dimension to the play. Youngsters can practice counting and sorting skills as they manage their sweet shop and handle customer transactions.

Reusable Activity Card:

One standout feature of the Melissa & Doug Wooden Lollipop Play Set is the reusable activity card. It empowers young confectioners to price their offerings, introducing basic economics and math skills in a fun and engaging way. Additionally, the card provides guidance on how to use the decorating tool to create mesmerizing swirl designs on their wooden lollipops, enhancing their hand-eye coordination.

Quality Imaginative Play:

Melissa & Doug is renowned for its high-quality, durable toys that stand the test of time, and this play set is no exception. Crafted with attention to detail, it offers a long-lasting playtime experience that can be shared among siblings and friends.

Incorporate the play set into your child's playtime routine and watch as their creativity, organization skills, and counting abilities flourish. It's a sweet way to promote hands-on learning through imaginative play. Discover the joy of interactive playtime with this exceptional wooden playset, perfect for children aged three and older.

Get ready to pop into a world of creativity and learning with the Melissa & Doug Wooden Lollipop Play Set.


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