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Refrigerator Must-Haves for Toddlers

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These Magnetic Storage Pockets are a fantastic organizational tool for any classroom or home learning environment. These durable pockets feature strong magnets that securely attach to any magnetic surface, allowing you to easily store and organize small supplies such as magnets, pens, pencils, erasers, and more. The clear plastic pockets make it easy to see what's inside, and they come in a set of four bright colors that are sure to add a fun pop of color to your space.

We are also really enjoying these Refrigerator Magnets. They are a fun and interactive way to entertain young children while also promoting cognitive development. This toy set includes five colorful magnetic gears that can be arranged and re-arranged on a magnetic board in various configurations. As the gears turn, they create a mesmerizing visual display that will captivate the attention of children and help to develop their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.